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Enema Resort was formed, quite literally, out of the ashes of Repulsive Force when twin brothers Lester Pew (vocals) and Dirt (drums) and long time friends Dusty "DevilGod" Potemkin (bass) and Splat Bladder (guitar) turned away from the guitar-driven new wave rock that was the mainstay of that band's sound. Enema Resort lasted from roughly 1985 to 1987, although the band played few live shows during this time.

ER's early sound ('85-'86) was reminiscent of early Circle Jerks. Later, with the addition of guitarist Max Millions (a.k.a. Maxx Million$) the band began incorporating more heavy metal influences.

Enema Resort released one demo tape, Mom and Dad Went to Enema Resort and All I Got Was This Stupid Tape. The tape included about 15 songs, and featured a variety of styles. Songs on the tape included "Pain in the Ass," "Buyer Beware," "Idiot," and "A Little Talk." It's poor sound quality reflected the fact that all song's had been recorded in Pew's basement on a Tascam 4 track cassette recorder. Many of the songs on the demo were later re-released ("The Studio Tapes") also on cassette. This second recording, engineered by Bladder and featuring the guitar playing of Millions, included five new songs: "Enema Resort," "The Bogeyman," "Poseurs Will Prevail," "Curiosity Killed the Cat," and "March of the Mopheads." It was lacking the three-handed piano playing of Pew/Potemkin.

ER played few shows due largely to a growing rift between brothers Pew and Dirt. Although the two continued to record together (albeit never at the same time) they never performed a live show together. Numerous drummers filled in for Dirt in his absence, notably Scott "Peanut" Kinsey (Oscillator, Dummy).

One memorable show was at the Warehouse, opening for Out of Order and Generation Waste. The band also played a few live shows at the ID Under space, where Bladder lived for a time. It was during one of the ID Under space shows that Bladder returned to play bass while Potemkin helmed the drums. With this lineup ER performed many of their favorites, including a cover version of Judas Priest's Breaking the Law.

The relationship between Pew and Dirt became increasingly hostile, and the band dissolved. Although Pew and Dirt are no longer on speaking terms, other members (primarily Potemkin) periodically hint of a reunion show.