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While a punk scene has always been present in the area (DuPage, Kane, Dekalb, Surrounding areas), this page is about the new wave of punk bands that emerged mainly in the 21st century and the sound that links many of them together. While the sound of the western suburbs punk scene can be traced back to the 1990s, it started to rise after the turn of the century. In some instances the poppier sound became popular nationwide in the 2000s (decade) but unlike most of the country, the sound is still very prominent in this area. While there isn’t as many punk venues out west, there are a ton of bars and DIY places that hold live music and many bands play house parties. Because many bands play at the same venues, many bands know each other well and often exchange members.

Sound of Western Suburbs Punk

Like much of the Chicago suburbs, pop punk is inescapable therefore the same is said in the western suburbs. Many of the bands stem from pop punk roots but many of them have a different approach. Many incorporate hardcore aspects to their live performances and bring a more agressive sound the the table. The use of guitar tends to favor simplistic solos and rhythm on top of a fast based hardcore rhythm section. Many compare the sound as similar to that of 90s and 00s Green Day but often with more rawness to it. Considering the time frame, production value on many recordings tends to be high quality than past decades.

Culture of Western Suburbs Punk

Throughout the area the straight edge culture has prominance but isn’t the entire culture. There isn’t a set unique fashion either. While some go a more traditional 70s punk style, some chose to remain in casual wear. At shows, moshing is the norm for most bands and most venues accept it with the main exception being Penny Road Pub. Because many of the bands are connected in some way shape or form, it has become a tradition to meet up at local Steak & Shakes and Denny’s after playing or watching a show.

Notable Venues

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  • Pub Yahoo
  • The Waiting Room
  • Q-Bar
  • Penny Road Pub
  • Intzapalooza

Notable Bands/Artists

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  • Bet The Levels
  • Jaded State
  • Paper Towels
  • Bad Jokes
  • Cherryhead
  • Bad Planning
  • The Deathstrokes
  • Savage Vandal
  • Who Knows
  • Bowling Club
  • The Magnifiers