Vinnie Vogel

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Vince Vogel is a bassist. He first appeared in the punk scene as the original bass player for Screeching Weasel in 1987, where he was known as "Vinnie Bovine". He appeared on Screeching Weasel's debut LP and also recorded songs for split 7" with The Ozzfish Experience that was never released (the SW songs were released 10 years later on the CD reissue of their first album). In 1988, Vogel was fired from Screeching Weasel due to "personality conflicts". By that time, he was also playing with Impulse Manslaughter. Vogel and Impulse Manslaughter drummer Glen Herman formed the Vermicious Knids in 1989 after Impulse Manslaughter briefly called it quits. Vermicous Knids managed to contribute one song to the There's A Fungus Amongus 7" compilation on What The Fuck? Records in 1989 before Impulse Manslaughter renuited. Vogel remained with Impulse Manslaughter until the band ended in 1993. Since 1998, he has performed with the local metal band Severed.