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Vince Vogel is a bassist.  He first appeared in the punk scene as the original bass player for [[Screeching Weasel]] in [[1987]], where he was known as "Vinnie Bovine".  He appeared on [[Screeching Weasel]]'s debut LP and also recorded songs for split 7" with [[The Ozzfish Experience]] that was never released (the SW songs were released 10 years later on the CD reissue of their first album).  In [[1988]], Vogel was fired from [[Screeching Weasel]] due to "personality conflicts".  By that time, he was also playing with [[Impulse Manslaughter]].  Vogel and [[Impulse Manslaughter]] drummer Glen Herman formed the Vermicious Knids in 1989 after [[Impulse Manslaughter]] briefly called it quits.  Vermicous Knids managed to contribute one song to the ''There's A Fungus Amongus'' 7" compilation on What The Fuck? Records in 1989 before [[Impulse Manslaughter]] renuited.  Vogel remained with [[Impulse Manslaughter]] until the band ended in 1993.  Since 1998, he has performed with the local metal band Severed.
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