Vermicious Knids

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Vermicious Knids were a crusty hardcore/metal band. When Karl Patton and Chris Hanley quit Impulse Manslaughter in 1989, drummer Glen Herman and bassist Vince Vogel decided to keep playing. They recruited local artist Guy Aitchison as vocalist and John Tolczyk on guitar but soon decided that the new combination was different enough to warrant a new name. The Vermicious Knids appeared on a few compilations and played a few shows before Impulse Manslaughter reunited. John Tolczyk would join Impulse Manslaughter as second guitarist.

Compilation Appearances

  • Pleasures In Life compilation album (Nuclear Blast, 1989) - "Worm Asylum" and "Controlling Interest"


  • Guy Aitchison - Vocals
  • John Tolczyk - Guitar
  • Vince Vogel - Bass
  • Glen Herman - Drums