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This ship is sinking and
I dont know what to do
If we die in fire and water
I want to be with you

Hi. I'm just some random dude. I joined on 6 July, 2016. Sometimes I do stuff. (Interesting stuff I accidentally found.)

Pages on this wiki I added:

Useful templates:


  1. Some categories still need some work, click here.
  2. These pages still need a category.
  3. Link the bands with their Facebook pages. (0 - 9 and A - Z are already done)
  4. Fix double redirects.
  5. Add more info to these very short articles.
  6. Add categories for files (such as album covers, bands, etc...) (Two files couldn't be loaded)
  7. Same for templates (need more though).
  8. Try to fix (some of the) "lonely pages".
  9. Add some of the most wanted pages.
  10. Create templates for albums, venues, etc. Fix the existing infoboxes.
  11. Ask Gantry to remove Desmond (useless redirect) - Removed Gantry (talk) 13:28, 22 December 2016 (CST)
  12. Either remove or fix the Current events article.