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Tutu and the Pirates were one of the very first punk bands in Chicago. Though I don't think they released any recordings, they were playing shows since the late 70s. They hosted the first ever gig for Silver Abuse in 1977, so they've been around at least that long.

Tutu and the Pirates was one of the most well-known bands during the earliest of punk eras, at La Mere Vipere. They were one of the few punk bands in Chicago during that time and played regularly at places like Mothers. They were one of the bands features in the You Weren't There documentary.

The drummer in the band was Jeff Thomas, son of Chicago television personality Frazier Thomas of Garfield Goose and Bozo's Circus fame.

Fun Facts

  • Starred and played in some independent movie
  • Used to wear dog collars while they played
  • One of their songs featured a guitar made out of a toilet seat

Tutu Today

In 2005, Tutu played a reunion gig at the 10th O'Banion's reunions at The Note. A couple of the original Pirates are now in Vendooza, who play shows throughout the Chicagoland area. On October 24, 2009, Tutu and the Pirates will also be playing the after show for the DVD release of You Weren't There.

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