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Tuts was one of the first active punk clubs in the city, opening up in the late 70s. Located on the corner of Belmont and Sheffield, Tuts routinely played some of the best and most active alternative, punk and post-punk bands from around the nation. The more well known location of Tuts (959 W. Belmont) was preceded by The Quiet Knight and replaced by The Avalon.


  • Location 1 - Wrigleyville, where Smart Bar is currently located
  • Location 2 - 959 W. Belmont - The more well-known locale, now a cosmetology school


  • Held about 500 people with a dance area and tables - CR

Documented Shows

Notable Staff

  • Val - Owner
  • Kathleen - Bartender, muscular build
  • Veronica - Bartender, more petite and popular with the boys