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Tuesday is one of the first Slapstick family tree bands. After the 1996 breakup, about half the members created an "anti-ska" band called Tuesday.

Dan Andriano (bass, vocals), Matt Stamps (guitar), and Rob Kellenberger (drums, vocals); 3 of 7 Slapstick members, were all inspired by Fifteen and their political songwriting, which was evident in their early sound. They evolved somewhat, however, by the time they cut their first EP in 1997 titled Early Summer, which was a pop and emo fusion affair.

Tyler Wiseman joined on second guitar later in '97, and Asian Man released their only LP before their hiatus, Free Wheelin' which spawned their only U.S. tour. Tuesday broke up and Andriano replaced Rob Doran on bass and backup vocals with Alkaline Trio, another Slapstick Family Tree band.

Kellenberger went on to play drums with Duvall, Colossal, and briefly for the reunited Smoking Popes all third generation Slapstick Family Tree bands. Wiseman, not a Slapstick member went on to play with other third generation Slapstick Family Tree band The Honor System with other original Slapstick members as well as and Whale|Horse.

In 2007 Don't Ask by Carpe Dm Em/ Third Rock Studios/ Triple Rock Records, followed by Follow Me in 2009, a collection of unreleased material and songs wrote during a brief reunion.