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Trial by Fire was a Chicago punk band that performed from Autumn 1981 to Autumn 1982, after the demise of Strike Under. All of the members - Pierre Kezdy, Chris Bjorklund and Bob Furem - had been in Strike Under. Trial By Fire did not officially release any records duiring their lifetime though they recorded a 9 song demo in December 1981 and a full record in April 1982. In 2017 their record from the 1982 recordings was finally given a proper release by Alona's Dream Records

Just about anyone who saw Trial By Fire live or heard their (at the time ultra rare) recordings back then said that they were a special band. Many call them the first true hardcore band from Chicago. Even today people who were part of the scene in 1981/1982 say that Trial By Fire was one of the best bands of the Chicago Punk era.


Available Recordings

  • A inquiry on the TCP Punk messageboard reveals that there is a three song demo and some live casettes, but they are not readily available.
  • It is rumored (old message board post) that they recorded an album but it was never released. Not sure if that is different then the demo cassette, but I assume so. This was confirmed in issue #1 of Last Rites
  • In Naked Raygun's Quartersick CD re-release of All Rise, they include a cover of Trial By Fire's Rocks of Sweden.
  • Naked Raygun's Last of the Demohicans includes a cover of TBF's Giveaway, written by Pierre Kezdy. The cover was recorded during the Jettison sessions on April 21, 1987
  • Arsenal, a later band with Pierre Kezdy and Santiago Durango does a cover of Trial By Fire song(s) on their Factory Smog Is A Sign of Progress EP.


  • Demo Tape (1981)
  • "Rocks of Sweden" on the You Weren't There: A History of Chicago Punk 1979-1984 soundtrack LP (Factory 25, 2008)
  • 1982 CD/LP/Digital (Alona's Dream Records, 2017)
    • Includes the band's unreleased LP and 8 demo tracks (demo tracks are included on the CD and available as an additional download with the LP)

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