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Please add events to the timeline in chronological order with exact dates where possible. Try to limit your entries to a single line. Important punk events that are not Chicago related can also be added for perspective, but should be italicized. Footnotes should be added where facts are in dispute or indisputable sources are discovered.

Obviously this is just a template to get started. Please start fleshing it out! (Galanter)

The Events

  • ??/??/73 - New York Dolls record and release "New York Dolls"
  • 03/31/74 - Punk at CBGB's begins with Television's first performance there (4)
  • 05/05/77 - La Mere Vipere opens. (1)
  • 10/??/77 - Sex Pistols release "Never Mind the Bollocks Here's the Sex Pistols"
  • 04/27/78 - La Mere Vipere burns down. (2)
  • 6/21/80 - Naked Raygun (as Negro Commando) plays their first show at 222 S. Morgan St. (3)
  •  ??/??/81 - Wax Trax Records releases Strike Under's "Immediate Action"
  • 03/11/81 - "Busted at Oz" live recording sessions completed


  • (1) Date according to Gantry.
  • (2) Date according to Gantry.
  • (3) Liner notes to the Basement Screams reissue
  • (4) According to Wikipedia [1]