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* '''[[Fly On A Wire]] LP''' ([[Fever Records]], [[1985]])
* '''[[Fly On A Wire]] LP''' ([[Fever Records]], [[1985]])
* '''[[Ink]]  LP'''(Fever Records, [[1986]])
* '''[[Ink]]  LP'''(Fever Records, [[1986]])
* '''[[Reside]] CD''' (Criminal IQ Records, [[2007]])
=== Collections ===
=== Collections ===

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The Effigies are one of Chicago's oldest and longest-running punk bands. They are the only band out of the Big Four that is still currently active and playing. The band formed in early 1980 and consistently played and recorded throughout the 1980s.

In 2004, The Effigies returned with 3 of the 4 original members and frequently plays shows throughout Chicago and the Midwest. As of February 2006, they are playing new songs live and plan to release an album in late 2006 or early 2007.

Current Lineup


Re-released (Ruthless Records, 1984), with "Security" as added track.


  • Remains Nonviewable LP (Roadkill Records, 1989) - "Collection of almost all early material up to, and including part of, For Ever Grounded. It is thought that 2,000 copies were actually distributed. Remains Nonviewable was re-released on C.D. in late 1995 by Touch & Go Records"


Live Albums

  • V.M.L. Live Presents the Effigies 12/16/95 (V.M.L. Records, 1996) - "Livetracks from the first reunion show of original members since 1992. Recordedlive 12/16/1995, at the Lounge Ax, Chicago, Illinois. 1,000 pressed."


Though a few sites list The Effigies starting in 1979 [1] [2], this is not the case. In 1978, John Kezdy dropped out of the University of Wisconsin and began to learn the guitar. He and his good friend Steve Economou decided to look into into starting a band. In a 1981 interview in Noise 6, Kezdy stated he met Paul Zamost at Neo, and along with a mysterious singer named Norman, teamed up with Economou and started practicing. Norman was unceremoniously canned after a few practices, and John took over on vocals and guitar, although by his own admission he was an inadequate guitarist. By this point (which must have been around summer of 1980) John, Paul and Steve were regulars at the Oz. Knowing their need for a 4th member, Oz owner Dem Hopkins introduced them to Earl Letiecq, who had recently arrived from upstate New York. Letiecq had previously played guitar in a band called Wreck'n'Crew. With Letiecq on board, Kezdy was able to shift full-time to vocals. After a couple months working together they had a set list and on November 9th, 1980 they played their first gig at Oz, opening up for Strike Under.

Previous Lineups


  • Steve Economou - drums
  • John Kezdy - vocals, lyrics
  • Earl Letiecq - guitars
  • Paul Zamost - bass


  • Steve Economou - drums
  • John Kezdy - vocals
  • Robert O'Connor - guitars
  • Paul Zamost - bass

1987 - 1988

1988 - 1990

  • Chris Bjorklund - guitars
  • Joe Haggerty - drums
  • John Kezdy - vocals
  • Tom Woods - bass

1991 - 2003

  • On hiatus, outside a couple reunion shows


  • Effigies.com, lineups discography and just about everything else. Direct sentences taken are put in double-quotes.

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