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Issac Thotz (guitar, vocals)
* Issac Thotz (guitar, vocals)
* Dave Merriman (guitar, vocals)
* Dave Kaktis (bass)
* Patrick "Paddy" Costello (bass)
* Ronni Dicola (drums)
Dave Merriman (guitar, vocals)
* '''''Songs from the Cabal Headquarters EP''''' ([[1996]], Self-Released)
Dave Kaktis (bass)
Ronni Dicola (drums)
* '''''Goodbye New World''''' ([[2000]], [[Thick Records]])
''Songs from the Cabal Headquarters'' EP 1996 Self-Released
''Goodbye New World'' 2000 Thick Records
* '''''Exsenator Orange''''' ([[2003]], Thick Records)
''Exsenator Orange'' 2003 Thick Records
* '''''Marvels of Industry''''' ([[2007]], [[Recess Records]])
''Marvels of Industry'' 2007 Recess Records
* '''''Volatile Molotov''''' ([[2010]], Recess Records)
''Volatile Molotov'' 2010 Recess Records

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The Arrivals were based out of Blue Island on Chicago's far southwest side, and became a part of the Chicago punk scene in the early/mid 1990's. Known for playing just about anywhere, especially back yard romps, they also became a regular at The Fireside Bowl. They quickly became a crowd favorite, characterized by frontman Issac Thotz unique, angst filled lungs and uncompromising attack on guitar while being quite shy off-stage, and Dave Kaktis' bass and perpetual lit cigarette dangling.

In 1996 they self-produced their first EP, Songs from the Cabal Headquarters. It took four years for Thick records to pick them up and the band to release their first LP, Goodbye New World in 2000. Exsenator Orange, their sophomore effort was also released on Thick in 2003.

Gritty and raw and reminiscent of the likes of Naked Raygun and early Chicago punk, the Arrivals were a breath of fresh air with bands like the Blue Meanies and others offering up mediocre punk to a scene that was beginning to smell mediocre. Bands like the Arrivals, Oblivion, and Slapstick (and later Alkaline Trio and the Slapstick family tree) saved the 90's and early 2000's Chicago scene.

The band seemed to disappear for awhile before releasing Marvels of Industry a long four years later in 2007 on Recess Records. At the end of 2010, they released a fourth LP on Recess, Volatile Molotov.


  • Issac Thotz (guitar, vocals)
  • Dave Merriman (guitar, vocals)
  • Dave Kaktis (bass)
  • Patrick "Paddy" Costello (bass)
  • Ronni Dicola (drums)


  • Songs from the Cabal Headquarters EP (1996, Self-Released)
  • Exsenator Orange (2003, Thick Records)
  • Volatile Molotov (2010, Recess Records)