The 4-Squares

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The 4-Squares (The Four Squares) were a punk band from the western Chicago suburb, St. Charles. They formed in 1994 and played through the early 2000s. They released their music through Quincy Shanks Records. Original band members were Mike (guitar/vox), Rob (vox), Jason (drums) and Kevin (bass). Later members were Mike, Steve (bass), Pete (drums).


"The Four Squares" ep 1994 Quincy Shanks Records; "Madman" ep 1995 Quincy Shanks Records; "Carol EP" ([1]Bollweevils/4-Squares split) released 1995 Dr. Strange Records Quincy Shanks Records: 4-Squares Releases; "Doin' Snuff with Roy Scherer" CD/LP (Toucan Slam/4-Squares split) released 1997 Quincy Shanks Records; "Save the Clock Tower" CD Comp 1998 Quincy Shanks Records; "Steve's Hamper" CD/LP 2002 Quincy Shanks Records;

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