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Tuts was what the Quiet Knight, a famous Chicago folk club, turned into after the folk scene petered out in the late 70's. Skafish played numerous shows at the Quiet Knight before the change in name and direction, and some national acts (like Talking Heads) may have played there before the name change. (It's hard to remember where Quiet Knight ended and Tut's began). I question the assertion it was ever located in the Stages/Smart Bar space. I think that's wrong.


Tuts used to live upstairs in the building at the NW corner of Belmont and Sheffield, above Dennis' Place For Games. This is the same space that later became Avalon, and was a tanning salon last I checked. Oh I see now the article already mentions this. Didn't Sue Miller, later part-owner of Lounge Ax, used to book at Tut's? I remember hearing this at one point.