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=== Discography ===
=== Discography ===
*''Sludgeworth'' 7" EP ([[Roadkill Records]] [[1990]])
*'''''Sludgeworth''''' 7" EP ([[Roadkill Records]] [[1990]])
*''What's This?'' LP/CD ([[Johann's Face Records]] [[1991]])
*'''''What's This?''''' LP/CD ([[Johann's Face Records]] [[1991]])
*''Brightside'' 7" EP (self-released, [[1992]])
*'''''Brightside''''' 7" EP (self-released, [[1992]])
*''Losers of the Year'' CD (Lookout Records [[1995]])
*'''''Losers of the Year''''' CD (Lookout Records [[1995]])
=== Trivia ===
=== Trivia ===

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Sludgeworth was a popular band from Chicago that existed from 1989 to 1993.


Sludgeworth formed in 1989. The band started out as a side-project for vocalist Dan Schafer and drummer Brian Vermin, who, at the time, also made up the rhythm section of Screeching Weasel, but became a full-time endeavor after Vermin and Schaefer quit Screeching Weasel. Sludgeworth's songs varied from pop-punk to funk rock. Eventually, this would become the band's undoing, with Schafer wanting to pursue more of a pop-punk sound while the rest of the band wanted to do more funk and alternative rock. The band played their last show in 1993, with their break up announced in advance. In 1995, Lookout Records issued a Sludgeworth compilation that focused mostly on their pop-punk side. It also featured several previously unreleased songs which were rumored to be part of an LP that was uncompleted at the time of the band's break up.

Following the band's break up, Schafer returned to a reunited Screeching Weasel, and would later tour and perform with The Queers, the Riverdales, the Mopes, and currently, the Methadones. The rest of Sludgeworth formed the band Ethyline (initially called Pound).

Sludgworth reunited for 2 shows in 2001. In November 2006, the Sludgeworth My Space page (run by a fan) announced that there were plans for another reunion show in the Spring of 2007, but a month later it was announced that those plans had been scrapped.




  • Steve Albini produced their first EP.
  • Ben Weasel wrote the liner notes for the Losers of the Year CD.
  • In a 1990 interview[1], the members of Naked Raygun named Sludgeworth as their favorite local band.