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Slapstick was a seminal Chicago ska-punk band formed in 1993 and officially broke up in 1996 and is known for being the root of the "Slapstick Family Tree", a group of musical projects which spawned from members of Slapstick, many of which are still active, including but not limited to Alkaline Trio, The Lawrence Arms, The Broadways, Tuesday, The Honor System, Colassal, Duvall and later on The Falcon,, and members also went on to play with The Smoking Popes and Less Than Jake, and they are therefore considered one of the most important Chicago punk bands of the early 90s. Members included, Brendan Kelly: vocals, Dan Andriano: bass, backing vocals, Dan Hanaway: trumpet, backing vocals, Matt Stamps: guitar, Rob Kellenberger: drums, backing vocals, Peter Anna: trombone. They formed out of Elgin and often played at the popular venue in Homewood on the southeast side, Off the Alley, and eventually moved up to larger venues in Chicago, including Lounge Ax and The Fireside Bowl after it began showcasing bands in 1994.

Slapstick was incredibly important to Chicago's continuing punk rock scene because their sound was unlike any of the ska-punk bands at the time from the east or west coast, and, as mentioned, they spawned so many side projects, especially Alkaline Trio and Lawrence Arms and others that were the burgeoning force behind the continuing scene. They inspired every kid with a Squire electric guitar and a 10 watt amp to start a garage band. Without Slapstick and its members, the 90s to current punk scene in Chicago would not be what it is.