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Repulse Kava were a punk/art/noise band that existed between late 1986 and 1988. The group combined punk with odd song structure, kraut-rock, and musique-concrete techniques. Between 1987 and 1988, the group released two 7” records. A posthumous LP recorded with former SST co-owner/author Joe Carducci was released in 1989.

After the demise of Repulse Kava, Seden and DeLeonardis, with drummer Peter Kessel, began performing under the name Kava. The group’s sound was more no-wave and free-improvised. The band released a 7” e.p. with Jack Brewer of Saccharine Trust.

After Kava disbanded, DeLeonardis and Carducci started the film distribution company Provisional Video, featuring films made by Raymond Pettibon, Mike Watt of The Minutemen, and others.


  • John Seden: vocals, turntables, effects, “drug guitar
  • Craig White: guitar, formerly of No Empathy
  • William DeLeonardis: bass, guitar, and vocals
  • Robert Rising: drums (Daddy’s Crowbar single and LP)
  • Andy Young: drums (Coercion e.p.), co-founder of Landmind Records and formerly of Denied Remarks

Former Drummers



  • Coercion e.p. (Buttrag Records) 1987
  • Daddy’s Crowbar / Judging (Buttrag Records) 1988
  • Flow Gently Sweet Alpha (AJAX, U.S.; Zuma/Rough Trade, Europe, includes Daddy’s Crowbar single) 1989


  • Major Punk Statement e.p. (Carducci Records) 1990