Report Suspicious Activity

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Resport Suspicious Activity is the current band for former Articles of Faith frontman Vic Bondi. Vic formed the band as an outlet for his anger over the 2004 re-election of President George Bush and war in Iraq. Vic first contacted Channels frontman and indie-rock producer extraordinaire J. Robbins (ex-Jawbox, ex-Government Issue) about the possibility of working together and J., in turn, brought along drummer Darren Zentek (Channels, ex-Kerosene 454). The trio released a CD of Vic-penned tunes on Alternative Tentacles in 2005 and toured the country with The Bomb in 2006. Following the release of the CD, the group added Erik Denno (ex-Kerosene 454) as second guitarist.


  • Report Suspicious Activity CD (Alternative Tentacles 2005)
  • Dreamland CD EP (Underground Communique 2006)
  • Destroy All Evidence CD (Alternative Tentacles 2008)


  • Vic Bondi - Vocals/Guitar
  • Eric Denno - Guitar/Vocals
  • J. Robbins - Bass/Vocals
  • Darren Zentek - Drums

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