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Two Nuns and a Pack Mule

Rapeman was a short-lived band featuring Steve Albini and two members of Scratch Acid. They lasted from about 1988 to 1990 and released one EP & one LP. They were named after a violent Japanese comic and, contrary to popular belief, did not break up because of disagreements about their name.


  • Steve Albini - Guitar, Vocals
  • David Williams Sims - Bass
  • Ray Washam - Drums


  1. Budd
  2. Superpussy
  3. Log Bass
  4. Dutch Courage
  • Two Nuns and a Pack Mulel LP (1989, Touch and Go)
    • Included the Budd EP
  1. Steak and Black Onions
  2. Monobrow
  3. Up Beat
  4. Coition Ignition Mission
  5. Kim Gordon's Panties
  6. Hated Chinee
  7. Radar Love Lizard
  8. Marmaset
  9. Just Got Paid
  10. Trouser Minnow

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