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*Jenny Jenny
*Jenny Jenny
*After Miami
*After Miami
*Totally Alone And You
*Cream In Your Coffee
*Cream In Your Coffee

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Problem Dogs were formed on the south side of Chicago in 1980. The band met each other as college station DJs at The University Of Illinois at Chicago Circle.

They had their first performance at the legendary Space Place on February 21, 1981. The played clubs such as O'Banions, Tuts, Lucky Number, Metro, Cubby Bear and others.

Around 1982, Algis (Al) Kizys departed the band to go to New York with The Bag People. He played in a series of notable bands including The Swans, Of Cabbages And Kings and others. The Problem Dogs continued, with a continual rotation of several bass players. In 1985 they renamed the band as Pirate Radio and moved to Los Angeles with their current (but not last) bass player Mike Fierstein. They played the LA club scene for a couple more years,and a couple of bass players later, they dissolved the band in 1987. Rick Radtke retired from music, John Connors took a top level position at amazon.com and Demetra (Dee) Plakas joined the band L7



City Hall 1983.jpg
You Are The Knife 1983.jpg
  • City Hall/You Are The Knife 7"

(Disturbing Records, 1983)

    • Recorded at Studio Media


  • Great Policemen
  • City Hall
  • You Are The Knife
  • New York PD
  • Apprehension Of A White Boy
  • Man You'll Never Know
  • Teen
  • A Thousand Clowns
  • Cale
  • Black Leather Inspiration
  • 1000 Clowns
  • Spill The Blood
  • The Man You'll Never Know
  • Hiroshima
  • Sisyphus Jones
  • Melting Pot
  • Jenny Jenny
  • After Miami
  • Totally Alone And You
  • Cream In Your Coffee
  • Stars
  • Who Was That You?
  • I Feel Like I am Falling Up
  • Corporate Head
  • (I Don't Want To Be) A Problem Dog
  • We Never Talked It Over