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Pegboy was a punk/postpunk supergroup that started in 1990 and continues on to this day. Their members were at some point in Naked Raygun, Strike Under, The Effigies, Big Black, Bhopal Stiffs, Bloodsport, Trial by Fire and likely many more.


Short Term Members


  • Three Chord Monte EP (Quarterstick Records, 1990)
  • Strong Reaction (Quarterstick, 1991)
  • Fore EP (Quarterstick, 1993)
  • Earwig (Quarterstick, 1994)
  • Fields of Darkness & Walk on By Single/EP (Quarterstick, 1994)
  • Dangermare Single/EP (Quarterstick, 1995)
  • Cha Cha Damore (Quarterstick, 1997

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