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Paper Towels is a solo project created by Brendyn Wirtz, formerly of Bet The Levels, in 2017. Paper Towels is known for having a very different sound from many of his other projects as well as bands from the same scene. Paper Towels’ sound stems from punk and pop punk roots but is known to incorperate many electronic and synth sections and leads throughout most of his music with some songs going full electronic punk.

Paper Towels was created by Brendyn Wirtz in 2017 after Bet The Levels split. It didn’t take long for the music to make it’s way in Spotify and score him shows across the suburbs, most notably The Waiting Room. As of 2019, two EPs (The Absorbant EP, Year of The Dog) and a few singles are available to listen too. Paper Towels is in many ways one of the most unique sounding artists when compared to their other local bands in the scene.