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== Notable Shows ==
== Notable Shows ==
* December 13, [[1980]] - Black Flag
* April 26, 1981 - D.O.A.
* April 26, 1981 - D.O.A.

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Oz was one of the oldest and most popular clubs in Chicago for the punk and alternative scenes. There were at least three different incarnations of Oz, as the venue was routinely getting shut down by the city. Oz had no liquor license, would ignore past mandatory closing and typically had no sign out front. Because of this, Oz was a club for the dedicated, hardcore fans of the scene.

Oz Locations

  • Last? location - off Broadway


  • On March 9-11, 1981, a live record of the most popular local punk bands at the time played at Oz. This record, later named Busted at Oz, because the definitive compilation of the Chicago scene. It is the first recording of many notable Chicago acts, including Naked Raygun and The Effigies.

Notable Shows

  • December 13, 1980 - Black Flag
  • April 26, 1981 - D.O.A.