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Cover to Survival of the Fittest CD

Out of Order was a Chicago hardcore punk band that played from 1984 to 1989. There were one of the more popular live acts in the city and one of the leaders in the shift of the "Chicago sound" from punk to hardcore.


Out of Order was formed in the Chicago suburb of Berwyn sometime in 1984. Lead singer Devon Brock called a classified ad looking for a lead singer and met up with bassist Mike Cwik. Shortly thereafter they played their first show at the Centro-American Social Club with Savage Beliefs, Articles of Faith and Toxic Reasons. Shortly thereafter 8th grade drummer Joel left the group and was replaced by Matt Fusello. Around 1985 rising tensions led to the departure of Cwik and he was replaced by Jim Owens. In 1985 Out of Order released their only LP, Paradise Lost. Sometime after Owens left and Cwik was called back to fill in temporarily. Alan Luckett came in at bass for a short time until a classified ad yielded the final bassist Mark Kledroo.

In 1989 (though their manager Andy Oblander said 1990) Out of Order broke up. According to Brock, was "the combined effect of a revolving door policy on bass players, a lack of direction and a lack of business savvy did us in".

In 1998, Victory Records re-released the Paradise Lost LP, along with rarities and live tracks on one CD, called Survival of the Fittest. Also that year, Out of Order reformed for one night and played an all ages show at the Metro.


  • Devon Brock, vocals 1984-1989
  • Rade Krklec, guitar 1984-1989
  • Mike Cwik, bass 1984-1985
  • Joel Tomano, drums 1984
  • Matt Fusello, drums 1984-1989
  • Jim Owens, bass 1985-?
  • Alan Luckitt, bass ?-?
  • Mark Kledroo, bass ?-1989



  • Almost all the information in the history section came from the liner notes to the Survival of the Fittest CD. Some years weren't specified but I did the best guessing I could. Gantry 15:43, 25 February 2006 (CST)

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