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The Chicago Punk Database

This site intends to be a collections of bands, members, labels etc. for the Chicago punk scene. This page specifically focuses on the earlier Chicago scene - though there is no formal cutoff date, the information on this page should focus on Chicago punk before 1990. All you have to do to add pages is create an account and start making pages. Click here for more info on how to edit pages.

There are 726 articles in the database, most of which are small and need more information. Some suggestions to get started - add a link to an unlisted band on left-hand side of this page, go to a band's page and add members/instruments, fix any spelling errors, or create new page about your favorite Chicago Punk record. Anything you can add will help tremendously, so please contribute today!

Recent News

Naked Raygun is Back For Good!

Naked raygun-wide.jpg

Naked Raygun has come back in full force in 2007, announcing they are going to start playing shows again. The first scheduled show is on April 27, 2007 at the House of Blues along with The Effigies, The Bollweevils and Shot Baker. They also announced a DVD/CD of their Riot Fest weekend along with an official website. Chicago's most notable punk band is back for good...

Listen to Seismic Waves


Rodney Anderson of Seismic Waves was kind enough to send three audio tracks from around 1984 that never made it to vinyl. It's all available for download on their page, please listen and enjoy! This marks the third band who has given us permission to put up songs, the other two being Toothpaste and DV8. Hopefully there will be more out-of-print songs to come, so stay tuned.

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Anti-Bodies, Arsenal, Articles of Faith, BB Spin, Bhang Revival, Bhopal Stiffs, Big Black, Blatant Dissent, Bloodsport, Blue Green God, Bohemia, Bonemen of Barumba, Certain Death, Breaking Circus, The Corrosives, The Cunts, Da, The Dadistics, Dead Fink, Defoliants, Denied Remarks, DV8, The Effigies, End Result, Epicycle, Evil Eye, The Front Lines, Friends of Betty, Gary Jones, Gross National Product, Happy Toons, Hazardous Youth, Identity Crisis, ID Under, The Imports, Impulse Manslaughter, Industrialized Autocracy, The Interceptors, Immune System, Insolent Respect, Jack Scratch, Juvenile Deliquents, Life Sentence, Lost Cause, The Luchs Brothers, Men, The Mentally Ill, Ministry, Meaty Buys, MOSH, Nadsat Rebel, Naked Raygun, Navastrau, Negative Element, NGA JIWA, Out of Order, Painter Band, Pegboy, Phil 'n the Blanks, Poison Squirrel, Political Justice, Popperz, Product 19, Psi Bears, Rapeman, Ring 13, Rights of the Accused, Savage Beliefs, Seismic Waves, Silent Language, Silly Carmichaels, Silver Abuse, Six Feet Under, Skafish, Slit and the Stiches, Sludgeworth, Special Affect, Sport of Kings, Stations, Strike Under, The Subverts, The Swingers, Terminal Beach, Toothpaste, Trial by Fire, Urbn DK, The Wayouts, Tutu and the Pirates, Viktimz of Society, Violent Tumor, Wazmo Nariz, Zoetrope


Steve Albini, Al Scum, Rodney Anderson, Jon Babbin, Vic Bondi, Chris Bjorklund, Steve Bjorklund, Eric Brockman, Iain Burgess, Robert Byrne, Mick Calhoun, Eric Cassell, Tom Clark, Larry Damore, Bob Damrau, Lorna Donley, Santiago Durango, Jed Fox, Bob Furem, Philip Galanter, Camilo Gonzalez, Joe Haggerty, John Haggerty, Scott Harris, Dem Hopkins, Anthony Illarde, Al Jourgensen, Marie Kanger-Born, John Kezdy, Pierre Kezdy, Joe Losurdo, Jon Lundin, Keith Lyons, Art MacQuilkin, Bill Meehan, Ken Mierzwa, John Mohr, Terry Nelson, Dave Riley, Dan Schneider, Doug McCombs, Jeff Pezzati, Marko Pezzati, Dave Riley, Corey Rusk, Bobby Skafish, Jim Skafish, Jim Sludge, Brooks Smith, Geri Soriano, Eric Spicer, Bill Stephens, Chopper Steppe, Steve Steppe, Dave Thomas, Rob Warmowski, Paul Zamost, Bryn Zellers


Autumn Records, Dazit Records, Disturbing Records, Fever Records, H.I.D. Productions Ltd, Homestead Records, Landmind Records, Little Farmer Music, National Trust, No Blow Records, Quarterstick Records, Ruthless Records, Schwa Records, Sandpounder Records, Snat 5 Records, Touch and Go, Tough Records, Wasteland Records, Wax Trax Records


All Rise, Basement Screams, Busted at Oz, Dial-a-Trance, Flammable Solid, Home, Innocence, Jettison, Raygun...Naked Raygun, The Middle of America Compilation, Throb Throb, Understand?, Vanilla Blue


950 Lucky Number, Artful Dodger, B'Ginnings, Club Foot, COD, Cubby Bear, Dreamerz, Exit, Gaspars, Harry Hopes, Head's Pub, Hell House, Keith Garage, La Mere Vipere, Lounge Ax, Metro, Misfits, Neo, O'Banion's, Oz, Park West, The Riviera, Space Place, Stages, Tuts, Waves, West End


Bullshit Detector, Coolest Retard, Disorderly Conduct, Gabba Gabba Gazette, Last Rites, Les Ponques Rockeurs, Matter, Primitive Noise, Raveup, THIS, Your Country Needs You/YOU


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