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IMF formed in the spring of 1989, with the original lineup of George Boswell as singer and guitarist, Zackary Webb on Bass, and Jeff Weirheim on Drums. By the end of the year they had decided to put Jeff on guitar to free up George as a front man, and recruited Erik Peterson to play drums. They recorded their first demo "Corkscrew Pain" in January of 1990, played a number of parties, and did their first club show at McGreggors later that winter as an opener for Out Of Order. The following spring George Boswell left the band, Paul McLennon was asked to take over on vocals. IMF played Chicago area clubs such as Medusa's, Dreamerz, Club Stodola, Lounge Ax, Thirsty Whale, McGreggors, Avalon, Metro, Riviera, Fotch's. They performed with the Smoking Popes, Pink Lincolns, Sloppy Seconds, Ultraman, Apocalypse Hoboken, Naked Raygun, Jaw Box, 8-bark, Pegboy, and many others. IMF released a demo in 1990 called "Stregnth, Speed, and Beauty" and a 7'EP on Underdog Records called "Brother Flywheels Revenge". In the spring of 1991 Jeff Wehrheim left to go into the Airforce, and Mike Skroch, a.k.a. Scratch, joined on as the new guitarist. Towards the end of that summer we did a recording in Steve Albini's old basement studio on Fancisco Ave, but it was never released. The band dissolved a few months after, but later reformed as the Hidden.


1989 George Boswell - Vocals and Guitar Zackary Webb - Bass Jeff Weirheim - Drums

1989-1990 George Boswell - Vocals Jeff Weirheim - Guitar Zackary Webb - Bass Erik Peterson - Drums

1990-1991 Paul McLennon - Vocals Jeff Weirheim - Guitar Zackary Webb - Bass Erik Peterson - Drums

1991 Paul McLennon - Vocals Mike "Scratch" Skroch - Guitar Zackary Webb - Bass Erik Peterson - Drums