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ID Under was a punk band led by guitarist/vocalist Douglas Ward from 1985 until 1989. In their lifetime, the group released one 12" EP and one LP. Their debut EP, The Lords Of Nothing, was the second release for Underdog Records, a label which Douglas Ward would have a hand in running for much of its existence. Mike Joo and Steve Holtz played bass and drums, respectively, for the group's first show, after which the group featured Eric "Skinner" Van Keuren on the drums and Ward's girlfriend, Audrey Shaw, on bass. Shaw departed in 1987 after her and Douglas's romance ended and she was replaced Zac Conway, who was also a member of the suburban act Target.

Following ID Under's break up, Douglas continued to play a big role in Chicago's punk scene, helping to run Underdog Records and writing for its fanzine, as well as performing with the bands 8-Bark, V. Reverse, and Fourth Rotor.