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[[Image:Blatantdissent.jpg|thumb|right|300px|Blatant Dissent's most well known lineup]]
[[Image:Blatantdissent.jpg|thumb|right|300px|Blatant Dissent's most well known lineup]]

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Blatant Dissent's most well known lineup

Blatant Dissent were a punk/hardcore band from the mid 1983 to 1988 from Dekalb. They released two singles and a posthumous LP in their career. The last version of the band eventually changed their name and became the popular Chicago band Tar. They were probably the most well-known band from Dekalb and at one point toured to WV, NY and CT. It can be safely said that Blatant Dissent was the best 80s punk band from Northern Illinois University.


Logo from Dial-A-Trance


  • Demo Tape (Summer 1984)
    • First time in the studio
    • Five-ish songs that were re-recorded on the later records
    • Sleeve art by Kevin Kurtz
  1. Is There A Fear
  2. My Hands Are Tied
  3. The Man In Black
  4. The Catalyst - They, They, They
  1. The Catalyst / They, They, They
  2. The Man In Black
  1. Fist Comes Down
  2. Eleven Days
  1. Contemporary Hip
  2. Man in Black
  3. Painted Women
  4. How Can I Lose
  5. Status Quo
  6. 11 days
  7. The Beast
  8. The Party
  9. Overreaction
  10. Is There A Fear
  11. Bandit
  12. Undermine
  13. My Hands Are Tied


Though I should add some info to this, MXV had one of his Selections from The Punk Vault entries on the Is There A Fear? 7-inch. In that, just about every member of Blatant Dissent chimed in with a history and stories. So instead of plagarizing, read it here

Record Covers

Is There A Fear?
Is There A Fear? tour cover

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