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Bet The Levels was a band formed in the western suburbs of Chicago in 2012 by Dan Skretteburg, Brendyn Wirtz, Sam Donner, and Tyler Dalora. The bands sound stemmed from punk roots and bands ranging from the Ramones, Green Day, Weezer, and many more. They played many notable venues in the western suburbs that hosted punk and pop punk shows in the 2010s such as Pub Yahoo and The Waiting Room.

In 2014, the original lineup released their debut album, Don’t Punch The Driver, on Bandcamp. It was produced by Brendyn. Songs from the album were played in concert regularly. Songs such as “Converse Man” and “GE Days” were fan favorites and played at almost every show. After the release of Don’t Punch The Driver, Tyler and Sam left the band and were replaced with Mason Brewner on bass guitar and Jake Herlihey in drums. Their EP, Josh’s Nightmare, was released in 2015 and featured better production as much of it was recorded at Morley House Studios. Songs like “Cavaties At Midnight” became concert favorites. Bet The Levels split up in 2017 with Brendyn Wirtz focusing on his other projects (Bad Jokes and Paper Towels) as did Mason Brewner (The Deathstrokes) and Dan Skretteburg (solo material).

In August 2018, the band reunited and played a final show at The Waiting Room in Naperville.