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Ann Arkees (possibly Anarchies or Anarchys) was a short-lived club that existed somewhere around August of 1979. It was on Broadway just north of Diversey and may have only lasted a week, though it likely was around a bit longer than that. The spelling of the club has been a topic of dispute, but the You Weren't There movie showed a clip with an ad using the name Ann Arkees.

The rumors about the club and the death of its owner, Nino, are varied and likely (at least partially) untrue. The most accepted (and likely truthful) story is that he was murdered in his club and found with a microphone stuck up his ass. Other also say his genitals were cut off as well. The people that worked there were also labeled as "shady" and there may or may not have been an influence of organized crime and/or the rough sex trade. It was also said that it burned down under mysterious circumstances, but that's likely not accurate. Yowsa!

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